Football Field Crashers [videos]

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Around the world,there are some bizarre things that happen at football matches.


Around the world, there are some bizarre things that happen at football matches. These are usually due to a crazed fan.  This article discusses some of the recent events.



Fan Scores a Penalty

Spartak Moscow has been given a penalty against Satum in the Russian Premier League.  The ball is placed on the spot and the striker positions himself to shoot.  At this point, a fan runs onto the pitch and shoots the ball into the back of the net.  It seems he does not know what to do next after he scores.

Fan Steals Player’s Shirt

After Pablo Pintos scores a goal and takes off his shirt in celebration, a fan runs up and grabs it from his hands. The fan looks so ecstatic at this point, as if he just won a jackpot at the casino!  He then then runs away to the side of the stadium and throws the shirt into the crowd.  Another fan then catches it then climbs up the rows of seats to in an attempt to evade the security staff.

Polish Baywatch Football Scene

A match between Poland and England was postponed due to rain in 2012.  In the warm up to the match, a few players run onto the water logged pitch and are chased round by security for a good few minutes.  He manages to evade them surprisingly well.  With that sort of luck, he should visit this site and play paypal casino after the game!

Female Semi-Streaker

This video shows two female fans running onto the pitch and stripping down to their underwear.  One of them runs about holding a banner, which reads “Dani, come home after the game” in a foreign language.  No one knows exactly who “Dani” is and the woman eventually gets ushered off the pitch.

If there is a common theme in these videos, it’s that most of the fans are Eastern-European!

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