Sevastopol - Dnipro 17.08.2013

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www.ultras-tifo.netUKRAINE: Fans threw flares and chairs on the pitch.


UKRAINE: Fans threw flares and chairs on the pitch.

In the 55th minute of match between Sevastopol and Dnipro home fans started to throw flares and chairs on the pitch in protest against club director Viktor Moskvitina.

Fans were angry after last away match and the way they were threatened by the club director.

When they played in Zaporozhie last round Ultras of Sevastopol traveled separated from normal fans. Normal fans had buses from their club, while Ultras traveled alone.

Their director said there would be no problems entering the away sector, but before they arrived the director had told police to not let Ultras enter the away sector.


Photo from the stand after the protest: