Protest by Vak410

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www.ultras-tifo.netVak410 protest during Ajax - AC Milan 28.09.2010 (UEFA Champions league match).

Vak410, Ultras-group from Ajax, protested against high ticket prices in the beginning of the match against AC Milan (28.09.2010).

First 4:10 minutes of the match they waited in the entrance of their section. Totally empty section, only a longer banner in front of their stand. After 4:10 minutes they entered their section and fired up lot of smoke, flares and some smaller bangers.

Referee stopped the match for a while. After that Vak410 showed up two more banners against the high ticket prices, while clowns sitting other places on the Stadium whistled and sang against Vak410`s action.


Photos and movies:

(£ 153,24 We do not feel welcome!)

(Love for the club reigns, where's your conscience?)

(€80 for the away sector, Shame! All together against high ticket prices!)




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