Hungarian Ultras Movement

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Read about ultras movement in Hungary.


The activity from Hungarian ultras on our forum is getting better, because of that we have opened a own TALK-zone and PICTURE-zone for Hungarian Ultras!


Here is some info about Hungarian Ultras Movement

After World War 1 and 2 Hungary lost 2/3 of their territories (this will be important later) and a communist regime supported by Soviets took the power, after that we had soviet dictatorship for many years, until 1989.

First ultras movement and group was Kispest's "Ultra Red Boys" (their web-page doesn't work atm ), they were supported by the government before 1989 so they could play against italian and other western clubs. Ultra Red Boys were founded in 1991. Many groups followed them like Ultra Viola Bulldogs '92 (Újpest), Red Blue Devils '92 (Székesfehérvár) or Keleti Front '92 (Nyíregyháza). So the movement was spred over the country in 1992, all the older groups were founded during this time.

Of course rivalries, riots and supporting clubs started before, but making a group wasn't allowed. So rivalries has long history. For example Ferencvaros - MTK derby is more than hundred years old. MTK was one of the first clubs created by Hungarian-Jewish people, after that were FTC created by local Germans.

So our ultra scene were getting better and better as we could get magazines, photos, videos from abroad. Italian and English influence was big.

Groups of Budapest was the best at the start, the actual government always supported them. Nowadays it's quite balanced, expect Ferencvaros. They have supporters in every points of our country and old parts of our country, like Felvidek ( Slovakia now ), Vojvodina ( Serbia now ), Transylvania ( Romania now ). They have a huge amount of supporters, there is not a group that has the same base of fans.

So our movement were divided until 2008. All Hungarian group's political view is right or far-right, expect our jewish team, MTK, they are non-political. In 2008 many Hungarian groups went to Slovakia to support the local Hungarian team DAC against Slovak nationalists team, Slovan Bratislava. Hungarian supporters were suddenly attacked without any reason, of course our government didn't do anything so we made an association of Hungarian supporters. Since that we are not divided on our national team's games.

Most known groups

Ferencvaros has the biggest ultras and hooligan groups, I can't write down all of them, there was a lot of until last year. But English owner made a card system against the hooligans so their movement is divided now. Hooligan groups against the system like Sector 2. or Új Generáció but ultra groups not, so many of them still attend matches like Green Monsters. Because of this Stormy Scamps (an old and famous group of FTC) splitted and they made E.E.E. There are some clash of views. But they are still the strongest.

After them comes Újpest. Ultra Viola Bulldogs has many members and there are some well known hool groups such as Angol Brigád and Korps.

Kispest Honved is as i know boycotting because of bans, they attend games but doesn't support their team with songs and chants. They also have a great scene, always have fights against Videoton Szekesfehervar and teams of Budapest.

Fourth is Debrecen's supporters SZUD ( Szívtipró Ultras Debrecen ), great numbers at home, but away supporting is not as good as it used to be. Probably because of Champions League or Europe League. They did well against local rival Nyíregyháza and clubs of Budapest.

Fifth is Red Blue Devils, they are getting better all the time, their supporting is quite modern and they get more and more members. Their hool scene is getting better too, they did well against Viole Maribor.

These are the best supporters as I see. But there is a lot of smaller or less smaller groups. ZTE, Győr, Diósgyőr, Nyíregyháza, Haladás, is some of them...

Last thing, slowly but our movement is getting better and better, Italian influance is still there but polish, russian and balkan style are getting spread between our groups.

Thanks to "somebodytoldme" for this information about Hungarian scene!

Compilation of pictures from Hungary



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