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28th February 2010 from Paris Saint Germain, Boulogne and Auteuil, clashed outside Stadium Parc Des Princes . It resulted in one death supporter from Boulogne. And the fight was just the top of many other problems between the groups in Paris.

During the season 2009/2010, around 700 supporters in France got arrested. At least 7 groups has been banned by the government.
PSG: Grinta, Supras Auteuil, Authentik, Milice Paris, Commando Lubar, Boulogne boys, Lutece Falco (Decided to dissolve).
Nice: BSN (Brigade Sud Nice).
Lyon: Cosa Nostra Lyon
Metz: Faction.

But the situation for PSG seem to be really hard. Before this season 2010/2011, PSG with the president Leproux and Colony in front, made several new rules for supporters of PSG:

- No Season-cards will be seld at Stadium Parc Des Princes.

- No groups allowed. In short, the groups of PSG can not come as “organized” groups to stadiums.

- Away games: if you want to see match away, you have to accept the Plan “All ¨PSG” imposed by Leproux (Photos, identity and bus organized by only PSG). None of the groups are allowed to organize transport on away matches.

Its not up to you what stand you want a ticket for. Before the games you have to buy a ticket, but when you arrive the stadium its up to security what stand and seat you get ticket for. Its a lottery, and its done to avoid groups to stand together.
Tickets way more expensive. Grafitti by the groups inside stadium is removed. Rooms held by the groups, inside stadium, has been closed or removed. Its also an endless propaganda in news/media by Leproux against the Ultras.



PSG – Saint-Etienne 07/08/2010 were the first home match for PSG after the new rules. Two demonstrations were organized outside stadium by Auteuil and Boulogne. More than 240 supporters got arrested, even when the supporters didnt tend to use violence or make any trouble.

Short summary of Demonstration by Auteuil:
About 300 ultras gathered outside the Stadium, some members from Lutece Falco were also presented.
After many hours with demonstration, without any violence, firework or projectile thrown at all, but with heavy riot police ready, 60 supporters got arrested for “organizing a demonstration without first seeking permission” . They may stage an administrative ban lasting six months...


Short summary of demonstration by Boulogne:
About 200 members of Boulogne gathered outside stadium before kick off. They sat down outside their gate and sang a few songs. Police surrounded them and escorted about 180 supporters into police vans. Result: 180 members of Boulogne arrested, without any riot or trouble started by the ultas.



Inside stadium during PSG – Saint-Etienne:

Really low attendance, just 22 689 spectators attended the match, the lowest peak in Ligue 1 at Parc des Princes since 10 novembre 1993!!!, and since 1994, match between Psg and Saint-etienne met average of 42 210 spectators. Several sections closed as well.

Hundreds of red flags placed out on seats, but not used.
Saint-Etienne fans could be heard well, sometimes PSG “supporters” started a chant, but the Green supporters in the away sectior were louder. Even the vuvuzela`s distributed by PSG as “Background atmosphere” didnt help the general atmosphere...

"Leproux Colony Business" - St Etienne: 22 689 spectators



"Leproux Colony Business" - St Etienne

Lot more information about this situation in this topic: Justice for Paris Fans.


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