12:12 Without voices - No atmosphere!

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www.ultras-tifo.netGerman football supporters protest.


German football supporters protest.

During 3 football rounds in Germany there will be protest against a document on the security issue published by the German Football League. First "protest round" started in middle of November, and most groups in Germany join this protest.

There wont be any songs during first 12 minutes and 12 seconds of matches, because on December 12th clubs of first and second Bundesliga have to decide whether they agree or decline the new statutes.

German Football League wants to introduce these things to the top german leagues:

- Half the number of guest tickets at "high risk" games (All games with at least two relevant ultras groups inside the stadium).

- Tents for body inspection in front of the stadiums ( = less pyro)

- Less standing areas, more seats.

+ a few more ideas to marginalize Ultras on the stand.


They are talking about security, but there is never any fights inside stadiums in the two highest leagues. If they say "violence" they mean pyrotechnics, unannounced banners and offensive chants. In fact, they just want to replace ultras with families and earn more money.

There has been a first draft of this paper that has been declined by many clubs. Now the GFL has modified it a little bit (not better than the first one) but it seems that some clubs begin to change their opinion.

The slogan is "12:12 - Without voices - No athmosphere":

You can read more here: www.12doppelpunkt12.de



Photos & Videos of protest:

Preussen Münster, 24.11.2012


Hertha Berlin, 25.11.2012


Kaiserslautern, 27.11.2012


Eintracht Frankfurt, 27.11.2012

"Quiet protest for a fanatism that can not be banned"



St. Pauli, 25.11.2012


Stuttgarter Kickers, 24.11.2012


Darmstadt 98, 24.11.2012


Union Berlin, 24.11.2012


SSV Reutlingen, 24.11.2012


Saarbrücken, 24.11.2012


Werder Bremen, 24.11.2012


Chemnitzer FC, 23.11.2012


Mainz 05, 24.11.2012


Arminia Bielefeld, 24.11.2012


Eintracht Braunschweig, 17.11.2012


VfL Bochum 27.11.2012


Borussia Dortmund 27.11.2012


Dynamo Dresden 27.11.2012


MSV Duisburg 27.11.2012


Union Berlin 28.11.2012


Augsburg 28.11.2012


Nürnberg 28.11.2012


Borussia Mönchengladbach 28.11.2012


KFC Uerdingen 28.11.2012


Werder Bremen 28.11.2012

"Fuck you DFB!"



Bayer Leverkusen 28.11.2012


Fortuna Düsseldorf - Eintracht Frankfurt 30.11.2012 (After 12 minutes and 12 seconds):


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