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In 1981 the first hooligan group in the south tribune of Fc Barcelona Stadium was founded: The Boixos Nois (Crazy Bois in Catalan).


Since its foundation, the group was hated by a high number of people on the stadium, who was used to see the matches with an absolutely tranquility, but these boys, started to shout, bring flags and threw flares. Automatically, another part of the stadium and Barça players started loving them because of their fidelity and their desire of encourage Barça during matches. The group was characterized by its radical catalan nationalism or separatism, they wanted a free catalan state out of Spain. Their policy was opposed to Spanish radical nationalism, of a fascist tendency, because of that Boixos and some antifascist and separatists groups like Indar Gorri (Osasuna) or Brigadas Amarillas (Cadiz) became friends. In the other hand, they became enemies of some fascist and Spanish nationalist groups like LFN (Zaragoza) or Ultras Sur (R. Madrid)


Gradually, the group grew up. The first displacements arrived, and also the first fights with other groups, but specially against Brigadas Blanquiazules, the Espanyol Ultras, the other team of the city.


After 4 years, some violent scenes occurred inside and outside the FCB stadium: Lighting 80 flares in a match, throw firecrackers on the pitch, some serious street battles in Valencia, but one of the most important was during the Barça-Juve, where Boixos showed a banner where there was written: “Thank you Liverpool for Juve's deaths” (in reference of Heysel disaster) which led to some UEFA sanctions. The criminalization in the media and the repression in the stadium increase. Finally, in 1985 Boixos Nois decide to dissolve.


With the disappearance of Boixos, a lot of smaller groups appeared in the south tribune: Gamper Boys, Anarko Sud, Barça Supporters, etc. But the majority of members of Boixos Nois joined a new group called Cèl·lules Blaugranes (Blue and Red Cells). It was characterized by their linking with leftist and separatist political organizations. The next year, in 1986, Boixos Nois was born again, and the majority of Cèl·lules Blaugranes joined the group again, but a part of them created the Inter City Culé, which is currently in the south stand of Camp Nou.


The same year a Barcelona supporter was stabbed by Espanyol ultras and the war between Barça and Espanyol started. It was common with fights around all of Barcelona, and also inside both stadiums, between the two groups, with dozens of hurts and stabbed people.

Boixos Nois in Espanyol stadium (1985)

It was 1986 more or less, when first skinheads joined Boixos Nois, formed until the moment by heavies, mods and punks. At first only redskins joined the group and a continuation some fascist skinheads. Communists and Nazis supported together Barça in the south tribune, Barça and Catalonia unite them.


The incidents inside the stadium caused by Boixos continued, and flag poles and flares were banned (but lot of flares was still used inside the stadium) and in 1989 Boixos was moved in the third stand of the stadium by the club, abandoning their position behind the goal. But a little part of Boixos refused the new location and continued behind the goal, forming the Komando Flipper, where they continue today. Despite of the club desition, the incidents continued, and 140 members of Boixos were banned that year. Next year, in 1990, the group came back in the first stand, behind the goal, but a part of them, rest in the third stand, forming Sang Culé, in disagreement of allowing fascists into Boixos Nois.


In 1991 Boixos Nois killed an Espanyol ultra in revenge of the stabbing of a Boixos Nois member some months ago. The repression and criminalization increased another time, and more than 1000 policeman were present in next Espanyol-Barça after the death of the Espanyol ultra. Next years, police repression was maximum, and this cause the creation of the seccion Casuals FCB in 1992, grouping the most violent people in Boixos. Their official presentation was during  Zaragoza-Barça when dozens of Casuals FCB bought tickets and were infiltrated in the Zaragoza ultras zone and started a spectacular fight during the match.

The seccion Casuals marching to the stadium (year 1992)

More and more fascists joined Boixos, and leftist supporters started to leave Boixos, some of them joined Sang Culé. The fascist section took the power of Boixos, and some Spanish nationalists joined the group. But in 1994, all Barça groups were united in the north stand (Boixos Nois, Sang Culé, Komando Flipper, and Almogàvers a group created in 1989) with more than 3000 people creating a spectacular ambiance in the stadium. But UEFA brought Barça to adapt the stadium to the security rules of UEFA, this fact caused the construction of new tribunes, and the zone where radicals were placed became smaller, with only 1000 places. All groups except Boixos returned to the 3rd stand.


The tension between different political factions in the Barcelona stadium, fascist by Boixos, and antifascist by Sang Culé, ICC, Almogàvers and Komando Flipper, caused a deck after the tribute to a fascist member of Boixos Nois who died in an accident. The stadium appeared full of graffiti claiming the expulsion of Nazis of Camp Nou. This day seven Barça supporters ended in the hospital. This fact, caused a rupture between Boixos and the rest of Barça supporter groups which always had been united.

Almogàvers lighting torches. They reached a number of 500 members, currently they are around 100 members. The repression has affected all groups.

In year 2003, Joan Laporta was chosen new Barça president, replacing Nuñez and Gaspar, two presidents which always supported Boixos. The new president wanted to ban Boixos Nois from the stadium because of all incidents, and especially racist incidents produced inside the stadium. Actions of the club against Boixos started. In 1 or 2 years only a few members of Boixos were allowed to enter in the north stand, some time later their material was banned, and finally, the group was totally banned. So currently, only in the south stand survive some little groups like Almogàvers, ICC, Komando Flipper, and some new groups like Grup Fidel (formed in 2004 by antifascists members of Boixos Nois) and Ressaka Kulé. All these groups also suffer the repression of police, and it was very difficult to arrive to more than 200 supporters. However, Barça supporters have demonstrated with their displacements and actions during these last hard years that in spite that majority of them can't enter in the stadium they continue being the same that some years ago filled the stadium with flags, flares and chants.


Boixos Nois in Monaco (year 2006).

Boixos Nois in Espanyol stadium, demonstrating that in spite of the banning they are alive. (year 2008) thank "FCB_Supporter" for this article.