Varteks - Varaždin 30.09.2012.

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Another story about how supporters made their own club.


CROATIA (5th league): Varteks Varaždin - Varaždin 30.09.2012.

First we gonna explain you situation in Varaždin.

Varteks was club playing in Croatian first league for long time. They were one of the best Croatian football clubs (playing in Europe many times).

Few years ago financial problems in that club started. Bad moves of club board, stealing money, no support from the City... White Stones (name of Varteks supporters) organized many protest and actions to save their club, but without success.

In 2010 club board decided to change name of club from Varteks just to Varaždin (name of the city). Varteks is also name of clothing factory (and they were sponsors of club), but club have that name for so long time (since 1958), that "Varteks" is more famous for football club than factory.

Name change angered supporters, they made new protests, boycott matches... but club was only sinking more and more. Club was suspended few times becasue they weren't paying players (only kids left playing for them). In season 2010/2011 they got relegated to 2nd league.

In 2011 supporters decided to make their own club which will be called "Varteks" and start from lowest league.

Meanwhile, original club got in bankruptcy, stop existing officially on papers and got relegated in 5th plague (new name Varaždin ŠD), the same league where new club created by supporters is playing.

Last Sunday those 2 club met. In front of 4000 people supporters club won 2:1!