Protest by fans of Saint-Etienne

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ultras-tifo.netSupporters of Saint-Etienne protest against Team Management.


Saturday 19th hundreds of supporters from Saint-Etienne, including groups like Magic Fans, Independantistes Stephanois 1998 and Green Angels, met in the city before Saint-Etienne - Olympique Marseille. Results the last 2 years had been really bad and people want to change out the team management. Caizzo and Romeyer bought the club in 2004, but never managed to get good results.

First Magic Fans had a corteo in the street with a long banner "Save ASSE", right after Green Angels showed a banner "Respect our club". Toghether with flares and songs/chants like "For 6 years you failed" and "Our leaders are fools" they walked to their stadium. At kick off hundreds of supporters stayed outside the stadium to show their disappointment.

Here is a few pictures:

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