Ultras-Tifo 5 years!

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ultras-tifo Ultras-Tifo
 5 years old!


5 years ago, 24th December 2004, ultras-tifo forum was started.

The meaning behind this forum was, and still is, to have a place where ultras and football supporters all over the world can meet and cheer their pictures, movies and stories. A place where we can talk about our life as football supporter.

I feel the activity is very good, and from our forum you should be able to find pictures from nearly all groups in Europe + from other parts of the world.

After some years we also started this website, www.ultras-tifo.net. Here we will try to write bigger news, match reports and trip reports. But to do this we need help from our users!

Ultras-tifo is a non-profit forum and website for us. We do this totally free, but we love working with it, and we try every day to keep a high level on our forum, even if it can be a bit hard sometimes.

5 years gone, but there is more to come! Ultras-tifo will run as it use to, and hopefully grow even more.

Have a good christmas.