Protest by Legia supporters

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Legia Warszawa



In the past years supporters of the Polish club have fighted a hard fight against a company that own their club Legia Warszawa. Once they was famous for good support and lot of nice shows on the stands, but now everything has changed. Their fans have now created a website where we also can take part in their protest with our signature.

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For the past few years Legia Warsaw fans have been protesting against  ITI , a company that owns the club. This is a fight for a right to support freely their team as all other football club fans can everywhere else in Poland.
But firstly and foremostly, our protest is a battle for elementary civil rights of freedom of speech, ability to express one’s opinions and unselective access to the club’s league matches home and away. Apparently, only the very privileged few are entitled to attend the club matches without restraint.

Ordinary fans are at war against a media corporation directing its network of tv stations, press and political connections.

We are under constant surveillamce, persecuted and threatened. Selected sectors are unavailable to us, and the choice ofseats is very limited, which is totally illegal. For example, for leaving a seat, over which the security had sprayed tear gas, fans are punished with a two year ban.

Fans are also illegally prevented from a free travel round the country and unaccessible.

In September 2008, the police arrested over 700 Legia fans on their way to a match and charge them with an illegal gathering! By the strangest  coincidence, the owner of the club had publicly turned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for help in a first against the fans.

In defence of our basic rights we have tried all kinds of protest – Legia’s  ground is the quietest ( of all ) in Poland, as we do not carry usual doping (atmosphere), which this convenient to the club’s authorities. A fan’s doping “nest” has been pulled down and match framing is prohibited.

We also boycott a club shop selling gadgets with a new club logo. Fans organize picketing lines, manifestations, happenings, print their own periodicals and leaflets.

Thousands of fans from all over Poland give us their support, without their solidarity we would not be able to attend any matches away. Many groups from the home teams have give the Legia fans a section to use on the home stand, as the away section has been closed.

The fate of Legia fans has already been in the centre of attention of those journalists, independent from ITI, as well as politicians unafraid to support our stand.

Do not accept these illegal manipulations and persecutions!
Support us with your signature!
Your beloved club may become the same tomorrow!



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