SC Heerenveen – Feyenoord Rotterdam 06.05.2012

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www.ultras-tifo.netFeyenoord supporters with huge celebration for second place!


Feyenoord supporters with huge celebration for second place!

Last weekend on 06-05-2012 the last round of the Dutch League took place. Ajax became champions of Holland but the second place was open for two teams, Feyenoord Rotterdam and PSV Eindhoven. The second place would give the team right to play qualification rounds for the Champions League. The third place would be playing qualification rounds for the Europe League next season. PSV had to play a match in Rotterdam against Excelsior, Excelsior was on the last place. Feyenoord had to travel to Heerenveen for their match. Heerenveen had two options, lose the match or win the match. A draw wasn’t an option. If they would win they would have been placed for Europe right away. If they loosed Feyenoord would be second place and PSV third. PSV had to play Europe League then so the losing cup final team Heracles wouldn’t have the opportunity to play in Europe. A difficult situation for SC Heerenveen.

For this away game Feyenoord fans had sold out the away gate in no time. There we’re many Feyenoord fans planning to come over to Heerenveen, lots of them without cards for the match. Police of Heerenveen and the mayor said that every Feyenoord fan without a card would be arrested and get a fine + ban from the stadium for 1 year. But on the match day many Feyenoord fans decided to travel to Heerenveen with a car, train, bus or they traveled on another way. Police stopped many cars and even arrested some fans from Feyenoord on their way to Heerenveen. But still many fans managed to get to Heerenveen without any problems. Other fans watched the game in different pubs in Rotterdam.

When the match started a banner went up in the away sector. Feyenoord fans made a UEFA Cup (It’s 10 years ago this year that Feyenoord won the UEFA Cup) and showed it in the away gate with red (left) and white (right) flags. Heerenveen had a choreo of flags in the colors of the club and a little banner.

The match started and the atmosphere from the away gate was good. But unfortunately no goals in the first half, at half time after chance for both teams still 0-0. In the second half Heerenveen scored the 1-0 and Feyenoord had to score at least 2 goals to get a view on that so important second place. Very quick the ball was in the net for Feyenoord, 1-1. A draw wasn’t an option so again a awkward situation. But before there could be any plans about giving points away Feyenoord scored another goal and it became 1-2. After that the third goal came for Feyenoord and the away gate started to party. Heerenveen scored another goal but at the end it became 2-3 for Feyenoord. So Feyenoord ended up on the second place and the players thanked the away gate. Now the team and the supporters had to go back to Rotterdam, in the evening there would be a celebration in the stadium after this result. The previous season Feyenoord ended on the 10nd place and now they ended up on the second place.

Feyenoord counted on 6.000 people who we’re coming to the celebration. After the match people from all over the country had like 3 hours to get to De Kuip for the celebration. When the stadium opened the doors it became clear that many more people wanted to celebrate this season with the players. Another side of the stadium was opened and finally there we’re 30.000 people waiting for the players. Outside the fans of the away gate waited for the bus with the players and gave them a welcome with flares and singing. After that they breaked through a line of stewards and runned towards another side of the stadium we’re they would sit and wait for the players. In the stands there was a mental party, different tunes we’re played and the fans jumped and danced. Also fireworks we’re lighted, smoke bombs and flares in the stands. And then imagining that the celebration wasn’t even started.

At the moment the players came into the field there we’re flares and smoke bombs lighted on the stands. Loud singing welcomed the players and thanked them for the results of this season. The trainer, captain, director and some other players of Feyenoord got the mic and started to thank the fans and some even singed some songs with the fans. After that the players walked another round and thanked the fans. After their round the celebration was ended and everyone went home.


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Away Gate in Heerenveen


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