Derby of Silesia

Derby of Silesia:
Ruch - Gornik



Ruch Chorzów 0:1 Górnik Zabrze (Great Derby of Silesia-Poland) 28.02.2009.

Górny Œl¹sk(In latin: Silesia Superior, In German: Oberschlesien) is a historical region in south Poland and Czech Republic where live about5-6 millions habitants. This region is famous because of industry and coal-mines. There is many big cities with many popular football clubs. In this specific territory almost every district has own football club so if you want to support your club you should have character. Nowadays Ruch Chorzów and Górnik Zabrze don’t have good teams but in the past, year after year these two clubs scored championships tittles and played really good in European cups.
Today Ruch and Górnik have so many fans in this region so they have to play" Great Derby of Silesia" at the biggest stadium in Poland, Stadion Slaski.
After the success in the first derby in the big stadium all supporters in Poland waited for the second match between these teams at Slaski stadium. So with friends from my ultra group I arrived to Chorzów for this match, to see great fanatic spectacle. During trip on highway we saw many cars from Lódz. About 2000 fans of Widzew came to support their friends from Ruch Chorzów.
In the city was huge traffic jam, near road we saw few small fights between fans who were going on the derby. Guests from Górnik Zabrze get for this match 7500 tickets, but personally I think on their sector were much more fans. Rest of stadium(about 30000) it was Ruch’s supporters, everybody had blue foil jackets which looked impressive. Match started from really loud scream of whole stadium “Ruch Ruch HKS!!!”.


Supporters of both teams were prepared really good for this match. Both sides were singing loud, it made such a big noise so when both sides supported it was difficult to understand words in their songs. Scream and noise was fantastic! Górnik and Ruch have biggest fan-clubs in city Ruda-Slaska. Both fan-clubs prepared insult- banners and choreographies.
Match on the pitch wasn’t interesting but fans in the stand did a good job. First tifo showed Górnik Zabrze in the end of first half, they celebrate 10th anniversary of their group Torcida. It was huge painted flag with inscription: “10 lat za nami, wciaz jestesmy wariatami”(10 years past but we’re still crazy).

During half time something strange happened near sector of Górnik’s fans. Their threw a lot of firework at the guards. After moments few hundreds blue supporters attacked security and police. For few minute near the pitch it was a great fight with the security. Nice riots!

When situation calmed down the referee could begin second half. After few minutes Górnik Zabrze scored first away goal in this season! They are the last team in league but woke up for the derby;) Delight in sector of fans from Zabrze was great and loud. Since this moment for whole second half they had fantastic party in sector. Loud screaming and dancing without shirts all the time!
Ruch ultras groups had problems after the riots with synchronized songs and scream in their sectors. But they prepared fantastic tifo!!! Huge painted flag and blue foils made impressive effect. After few moments they burned so many flares and strobos!!! As they say during match they burned exactly one thousand flares and one thousand strobos. View of that number fireworks is just amazing.


When it was close to the end of the match the sound from Górnik’s sector were louder and louder with every minute. As I said, fan-club from Ruda Slaska prepared tifo and… also fantastic pyroshow.
When Ruch ended fun with pyro, Torcida of Górnik burned crazy number of flares and strobo. On the banner they painted “W jednoœci sila”(together strong).

Finally Górnik won this derby 1:0. As I have heard long time after derby there were so many fights and riots between fans in whole region. Now TV and newspapers are talking about scandal and bad hooligans. But I know myself… it was the best derby spectacle in Europe!


Bonus pictures from riots:

Thanks to "Giorgio" for this report.