Lech Poznan 0:0 Legia Warszawa 5.10.08.

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 Today this match is the biggest spectacle on the pith and terraces in this part of Europe, by some media calling “Derby of Poland”. If somebody would ask me what two teams have the biggest number of fans, I tell Legia and Lech. Legia has fans in whole country but all Wielkopolska (west part of Poland) supports team from Poznan.

As many of you know, Legia fans are in conflict with owner of Legia-ITI(huge media holding). Because of bans for members of main ultra group “Nieznani Sprawcy”(Unknown Perpetrators) atmosphere in Warsaw during matches is terrible. But Legia fanatics don’t care about bans and still in big numbers support their team during away matches…
Chairman of Legia ordered for Warsaw fans 800 tickets, only 12 persons bought it. Real fans don’t want to cooperate with owners of club and asked for help Lech. We get from Poznan only 300 tickets, I think that if we get 2000 we would come in 2000. Unfortunately many fans couldn’t go but we’re still grateful for help of Lech.
Finally we arrived by cars in 500 persons and everybody came, including pyro 8) The stadium was full, day when Legia Warsaw is coming to Poznan is huge fest for this city. Sometimes I think that all those fans in white-blue scarves more hate Legia than love Lech. Ofcourse Lech has helped to us but we’re still big enemies, nobody forget it!
Stadium in Poznan is during renovation. Because of this renovation lights on the stadium must be destroyed. It was last match of those four huge light masts so fans said “goodbye” by flares on everyone of mast.

Match has started from loud singing of 25000 people and huge choreo behind one of goals. Ultras Lech showed huge banner with words from their song “All World afraid of us”.

Legia fans packed all their sector in big… surprise, on the top was dedication: “Surprise for Leszek M. and Mariusz W.”(chairman and owner of Legia, main enemies of Warsaw fans in protest). This surprise was huge pyroshow!:)

 Legia fans supported so well and even our players said that we were so loud. But ofcourse during all match we couldn’t be louder than thousands fans of “Kolejorz”(other name of Lech team). I have to say that was my fourth time on this stadium and last three times Lech supporters were louder and generaly better but this time was still not bad.
For second half Kolejorz fans prepared big flag o… Legia!!! But it was changed version of our banner. It was view of destroyed Warsaw and slogan “real like a dream Warsaw will disappear”. Next time ultras of Legia knew plans of Ultras Lech tifo and in few second we showed an answer “What wrong you sucker see in panorama of your Capital City?” and put on the banner “We’re your Capital City”. You can only imagine how mad were Lech supporters;)

Match on the pitch and tribunes was so good but final score was 0:0. After 30 minutes we could leave stadium and go back to the most beautiful city;)

video: http://pl.youtube.com/watch?v=wLP23nki544

Written by Giorgio