Belgrade derby: Red Star - Partizan (05.10.2008.)

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 The biggest derby in Serbia and one of the biggest in all Europe played at Marakana, stadium of Red Star Belgrade.

While I was browsing online craps, I saw the sector of both side was nearly full of ultras. Delije at the first 10 minutes of the game seated and just watched a game. On that way they give support to Urosu Misic, Red Star ultras who is in yail. 10 minutes of silence for 10 years. They first song has been for Uros.
During the match Delije was singing about Uros, they are asking a justice for this sentence.
The banners of Delije been turn over all game, some of GATE7-Olympiakos fans have been in belgrade at north stand. Both side has pirotechnics.


(its forbidden for Delije to show banner "justice for Uros" so they show blank banner and message under "everybody know what write here...". photo:

At the other side Grobari (they was on south tribune) has started with choreo. They have a reason to celebrate becouse their team won 0-2 as if they won in an online slot. The Grobari was fire some seat, or throw them to the atletic runway.



The police was present  in big number, they could be seen at every corner of city. At the stadium was nearly 25000 people.
Very good show by both Serbian Ultras at this derby.

Delije -
Grobari -

Delije -