Match report: Saint-Etienne vs Lyon!

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 Match report!
 Hottest derby in France,
 Saint-Etienne vs Lyon.


The derby Asse-Lyon is one of the most important and hottest games in France football calendar. Saint-Etienne represents an historic club with the best Frenches pal mares and popular supporters who support their team everywhere in France.
Lyon is a rich club with modern fans localized just around their city, which has won 7 titles.

"Tomorrow, only victory is beautiful". This banner was showed by Magic fans on the last traning before the match at the traning ground of Etrat.

Before the match it was very hot with lot of insults, hostile singing between supporters of Saint-Etienne and Lyon. Strong rain came to the stadium Geoffroy Guchard during the heating of players.

The players entered the pitch on a full stadium (35 000 fans) with 2 tifosi on each side and a great Bache which covered the away section (1200 fans from Lyon).
The first period was makerd by a very big show with several and regular cracking pyro in the kop sud (Green Angels). The football match was very balanced between players of each team. During the resting match, we could see the following message from the Magic Fans: "Pain has not colours", conecrning the incident with the bus from mtp a while ago.

On southern side, Green Angels had put a banner: "Finish the bell-tower was, Lyon, lfp, united for an asepsis derby". The beginning of the second period there was some two-stick banners, flags and a new cracking pyro in kop sud. The player Benzema scored for Lyon after 52min which created a real good ambiance from the Lyon supporters. After this goal, the ambiance showed diminish significantly from the home fans, because the game proposed by Saint-Etienne was very bad. When the player Piquionne entered the pitch, the atmosphere changed and the whole stadium insultet him. Indeed, one week before the derby, this player gave a newspaper a interview where he insulted supporters and leaders of his former club.
Lyon won the match with 1 goal...

After the match, the atmosphere was very quiet. There was no incidents because of big numbers of police (1500!) and a helicopter.

Thanks to "Ultrasse" for this report!

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