Sydney - Melbourne

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Match report from Australia!


Before the match:
Was first game of the season, and Sydney v Melbourne is biggest match of Australian season. Around 700 Melbourne fans made the journey (~1000km).There were three times the amount of police than there has been before at one of these matches. We (Melbourne) were split out among pubs around town. Terrace groups went their own ways, 'mob/s' (read: mostly scarfers/wankers) had their own. Before match the 'mob' group walked past Sydney's main pub. Riot police out in force. Bottles + flares exchanged between groups. Police dogs mauling cunts, cunts kicking the dog back. Seemed to have everything apart from the two groups actually confronting each other.
That was saved for later however when in the stadium a group of about 15-20 Melbourne lads went into stadium undetected and confronted SCC (Sydney group) in their own bay/section. Despite being outnumbered, Melbourne lads left with pride intact.
Here's a video of the latter part of the fight, when the riot cops arrived. All Melbourne boys (who are at the top of the steps) in the fight were evicted from the stadium.

 Click here for the youtube-clip!

During the match:
SCC unfurled a banner with their logo on it, and their city skyline .. as well as some two-sticks spelling out 'Sydney'.

In the first minute the boys in blue seemed to want to make their presence felt, picking out Melbourne fans and throwing them out/brutalizing them for no reason. Some Melbourne lads went into bat for the others, thus leading to a few more evictions etc. I was one so missed the first half. According to people atmosphere was OK.
I got back in for the second half, and atmosphere was alright for a Sydney-Melbourne match. Not the best performance by us, but when we got going, it was some of the loudest I have heard us when away. Sydney fans made some pretty good noise, but their songs/chants are mostly boring crap.

After the match:
Held back in stadium for about 10-20 mins. Police had exit-strategy plan for us, so when leaving was like a maze or something. Got followed by cops, cop vans etc all the way back into city centre. Walked past Sydney pub again and exchanged pleasantries. We invited them to cross the road but they declined...

All in all a good trip. Hopefully I will get some photos up later.

Here is some pictures:

~20 mins before kick-off, still another 40 or so lads to show up:

The police used these + about 20 riot cops to seperate Melbourne & Sydney fans

Thanks to "archie" for this report.