Basel - Zurich

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Match report from Switzerland:
Basel  - Zurich


Basel - Zurich is the most important and hotest game in Swiss football calendar. This time the match wasnt so important for standings in table, but it was still a derby. I got to the stadium 1 hour before the match, everywhere were Basel fans drinking. Paying 100euros for Swiss football maybe is too much, but future showed it was worth.

Match started without choreos, just both sets of fans showed their scarves and flags. Singing for the whole game wasnt impressive. Maybe Swiss people are not so loud or the stadium acustics is very bad? Although, in my opinion, Zurich with, maybe, 1500 fans were louder than the whole Basel stadium. Despite they lost 4-0 , they sang the whole match.

The action in away sector started after second Basel goal. All the time Zurich guys provoked ordinary Basel public who were besides them by throwing beer and other things which they could find. After the second goal some Basel guys showed something to the away sector, maybe the joy was too big and that was what Zurich were waiting for... They lighted the flares and began throwing it to family sector. Basel fans had to leave the sector and all the stadium shouted something at Zurich. Police made no reaction. Not very brave of Zurich guys to throw flares at ordinary people, but, anyway, it's a derby!

After the game the action from Zurich continued. Outside the stadium all the away sector was covered with fence. Zurich mob began to break the fence and after few attemps it was broken! They entered the security zone and the cops began to run. Special forces intervened with gas and rubber bullets. Zurich responded by throwing fences, stones, flares. Basel ultras also ran to the place, but without covering their faces with scarves and shouting something, they didnt do anything. The action was for about 5-10 minutes when the Zurich fans went to their train. They climbed on railway bridge and throwed stones on Basel people. Some arrests were made and Zurich left for their home town!

One thing I must mention that Swiss special forces has some really nice ACAB girls :)

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by: Vytis