Kohorta Osijek - report from 20th birthday

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 Last week Kohorta (FC Osijek, Croatia, supporters) celebrated 20th birthday. We got their report from celebration.

Last week Kohorta (FC Osijek, Croatia, supporters) celebrated 20th birthday. We got their report from celebration:

We have finally celebrated our 20th birthday! Celebration went on for a few days, and „the grand finale“ was on football match Osijek – Rijeka. Even tough it was raining heavily, nothing couldn`t stop us to support our team. They also gave us the best birthday present they could – they won the match.


The celebration already started 27th, March, when our members have played the football tournament in the yard of our Fan Club. 20 teams were participating, and we couldn`t end the tournament without beans :)  On Wednesday, the 9th April, semi final, and final of the tournament were played. The winner was young „Zrinjevac“ team, who then played against ex FC Osijek players Krpan, Grnja and Spehar.


The day after, documentary film named „20 years of pride“ (produced by us) has been shown in the „Urania“ cinema, where wasn`t enough space for all of the visitors, who came in great numbers. After the cheering in the cinema auditory, came time for us to drive with our cars through the city. 50 cars took part in this city – tour, waving with flags, flares, cheering ... in one word, it was awesome!

Friday was reserved for a concert in our Fan Club`s yard. The atmosphere was great: cheering, pyro, a lot of people, party until early in the morning.


Saturday: the football match. Osijek – Rijeka. Our „D – day“. Unfortunately, the rain (which started raining that day in the morning) didn`t stop before the match started, contrary, it started raining harder. Before the match, a few hundred Kohorta`s members gathered in Fan Club in Tvrdja, from where we all walked towards the stadium. There we laid down the flower wreath and lit the candles on the memorial plate for all the dead members of our supporter group "Kohorta", who died as heroes in the war, 16 years ago.


Even though it was raining a lot, there was a large number of us on the terrace. All generations stood together: young and the older ones, cheering together. On the fence was only the message: SEMPER FIDELIS!, and in the middle a sign with our logo for the 20th birthday. In the 20th minute we raised our 1st choreography; roman soldiers and behind them, panorama of Tvrđa. Becouse of rain we had to give up of some things that were supposed to be shown together with that choreography.

After we put down the coreography, we had our first pyrotechnics show.

In the 20th minute of the second half we raise our second coreo. The logo «20 years» was raised. We start our second pyro show with flares, stroboscopes, smoke bombs...


As the game is coming to an end, the rain is weakining. In the 81st minute the will of our players was rewarded with a goal. The scorer was Smoje! The whole eastern terrace went ballistic, we call out the west stand and they chant back at us and we all sing «Grad na Dravi». The game ends with the score 1:0. The players come up to us, they celebrate and throw their jerseys to us. A beautiful end and the best gift for our twentieth birthday.


Unfortunately one young boy on our stand lose 4 fingesr couse firecracker explode in his hand :( And after game police arrested 5 people, because they recorded on camera them with pyro.. they all gonna get bans for all Osijek matches.

Guests from Rijeka (Armada) were in number of 60 people. Good singning, and few flags.


More photos from celebration u can find on THIS link.

To see video from this match click