PSG 1:1 Monaco 23.02.08.

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PSG - MoncaoOur polish moderator took a trip to France and saw PSG - Monaco. Here  is his match report.



One of the biggest dreams for every ultra and groundhopper is to see a match between PSG-OM. It’s also my dream so when my sister who study in Paris wanted me to visit her, I first checked the calendar for the French league. I found a match between Parisiens and Marseilles but in Provence so it was too far. Finally I choosed match in Paris, PSG against Monaco. Maybe it’s not an important match but I was still excited. My friend who were on PSG-OM last year told me that on Auteuil it is great atmosphere but I was interested in how it looked in Kop of Boulogne,

When you compare buying tickets for a match in France and Poland, I can say that in France it’s so simple. Without any problems I got ticket for KOB and also without problems I entered to the stadium. Parc des Princes looks so nice, especially with all those lights during evening. Propably Kop of Boulogne is the only place in Paris where you can meet only white people.

The match started…players came on the ground… KOB and ATL were singing. Lutece Falco and Supras Auteuil presented two small, painted performances. Inside Boulogne Boys sector the atmosphere was hot, they burned some flares and also were singing. One thing I was surprised  about was how small BB sector is, it’s only a small part in the corner of KOB. Atmosphere was excellent but only on the beginning. During match fans didn’t scream too much. On second tribune I saw how Karsud group showed on terraces banner “Kosovo is Serbia”. I’ve heard that Karsud leaders are Serbian. Security made some troubles but fans defended the banner and didn’t let guarders take it down.

I think that even for one minute I didn’t watch players on the pitch. All the time I was watching tribunes and behavior of fans. I totally didn’t hear few hundreds supporters from Monaco who had sector in the other part of the stadium. General atmosphere became better when Parisiens scored a goal for 1:0. In whole stadium were burning  flares which is always a great view. The loudest moment during match was dialog between KOB and Auteuil but I understood only “Allez Parisiens”smile.gif Final score was 1:1 so after match fans whistled and screamed. PSG supporters are disappointed because their team is closer and closer to… second division. Than nothing special did happen I came back to my sister’s flat so quickly because underground in Paris isn’t as complicate as somebody say.

Written by Giorgio

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