SK Brann - Everton 14.02.08

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match reportHere is a match report from SK Brann - Everton. Played in bergen (Norway) 13.02.08.


Before the match:
Finally it was time for our first match this year. Everton came over the north sea with around 2000 supporters who filled up several pubs day before the match and at match day. Even with this big number of away fans in our streets nothing serious happend before the match. Police was in big numbers as well and seemed to have ok control. Only some small fights and few arrests, nothing to talk about.

 Right before the doors opened me and some mates went to our stadium to prepare our tifo. We had made a flag on 12x76 meters to cover our lower part on our stand. Only red-hvite-red lines with BRANN written in the midle.

The match
Everton didnt use long time to fill up the away section on 900 seats, and as we all guessed they had bought tickets around the away stand as well, so they ended up with around 1500 fans insde the doors I think.
With this big number I really thought Everton would give us hard competition with songs, but for some reason I was totally wrong there. Before kick off they didnt say a word and during the match they only had a few songs after their two goals.
For our part im pleased with the atmosphere we made. We had many loud songs and didnt stop singing after the two goals. Our team also did a good job against Everton who was and should be a better team.

In second half Everton got two goals in the end of the match. As a reaction of that 2 snooker-balls came flying from our stand against Evertons goal keeper + some coins and other stuff. Not sure what fine UEFA will give us for that...
After Evertons second goal some of their fans jumped out on the pitch without getting problems with all the cops standing in front of their stand. When the match was over around 30-40 Evertonians ran out on the pitch as well, youngest guy was 10 years old!

After the match
Didnt happen so much after the match thought. Police sent a few guys to their homes and did some arrests to make sure no one made any trouble.

Some pictures from the match:
SK Brann

1500 away fans

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