FCK - Brøndby 19.09.2010.

www.ultras-tifo.netMatch report: Derby of Copenhagen, 19.09.2010.


Derby of Copenhagen, FC København 2-0 Brøndby 19/09/2010.


Tuesday, bit under a week before the derby, Brøndby Tifo got informed by PS&E (Parken Sport & Entertainment A/S - owner for Stadium Parken) that their Tifo-show wont be accepted. There is several rules about Tifo inside Parken, max size of flags and fireproof materials etc. But Brøndby Tifo`s show didnt break any of these rules and PS&E could not give any good reason behind this decision.
Brøndby Tifo had used lot of time and money to prepare this show, but now they had to cancel it, without getting any good reason from PS&E.

Match day

As usual before this derby, Supporters of Brøndby met at Rosie McGee's for a few drinks early on match day. From here few thousand supporters walked up to Parken.

Bit before Parken they got a smaller clash with some FCK supporters, but police got control fast. Before match started, 19 supporters was arrested!


The match:

FCK with tifo on longside (we dont have photo from short side at the moment). Brøndby open the match with some yellow smoke in the away section.

(Europa 2006 - 2010)




After 10-15 minutes Brøndby hold up a banner "Hej PS&E. Brændindpræner det her". Unsure how to translate this one correct, but its a banner against PS&E who forbid their tifo.

At the same time Brøndby light lots of pyro. Match stopped for a few minutes.



In second half big riot in Brøndby`s section. It started with some small fire on seats. Police stopped the fire, but manage to make some supporters angry. Some beer`s thrown, but nothing serious. Police moved back and the whole incident could be over.

But, cops run into the crowd with 10-15 officers, starting to beat around themself on incident people and everything nearby. This provoke more supporters and police moved once again back and took place at the opening to the away section. Things calmed once again down a bit, and police could move out to avoid further trouble.

But, more cops arrived, and in the end of the match they stormed the crowd again, attacked everyone and the chaos was completed.




After match

Some smaller trouble after the match, but nothing serious.

In total 41 supporters arrested on this derby.
58 people injured during the match, 8 of them because of pyro.
478 seats in the away section is broken + toilets and stuff inside the stand.




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