Zawisza – Widzew (25.08.2010.)

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Riots on Polish cup match between Zawisza Bydgoszcz (3d league) and Widzew Lodz (1st league).

Polish Cup match between 1st league Widzew Lodz and 3rd league Zawisza Bydgoszcz took place in Bydgoszcz. Zawisza fans are friends of Widzew's main enemy - LKS Lodz, so everyone knew that it will be big match, not only on the pitch.
About 17h (2 hours before match) 200 Widzew hooligans in red t-shirts stopped special train and tried to make a big fight with Zawisza hools who were waiting them, but fast police action stopped everything.

After that incident everyone went to stadium. It was 1 hour before kick off, when Widzew fans came to away sector. After Zawisza fans saw them, they tried to get to them. But anyway distance was too long and too many security and police stood on their ways. Zawisza hooligans were fighting with police about 1.5 hour, and in 42. minute of match referee decided to stop match till police take control of situation. And after several minutes, main person from Zawisza hooligans group decided that riots should be stopped, and from that moment everyone calmed down a little bit so referee started the match again.

Many of good boys form LKS and Zawisza have been caught by police few days after the match. Zawisza's stadium is now closed till end of September.