Interview with Ultrasi' 04 (Korona Kiece, Poland)

Want to buy pyrotechnics? Visit have done a interview with a member of Ultrasi'04, Korona Kiece ultras from Poland.


Hi, please introduce yourself and tell us about your position in Ultrasi`04

 Hi, I'm Mike and I'm 20 years old. I've been a member of our group since 2004. It's hard to say about my position in group because we haven't got any structure but there is democracy so every member's opinion is the same important.

If I’m not wrong Ultrasi`04 was founded in 2004. Why was it started? I guess there already were other ultras groups of Korona Kielce?

Ultrasi'04 was founded because few supporters of Korona wanted to make next step to organize good atmosphere on matches of our team and improve tifos. Before 2004 there had been only one official group -Young Boys Hooligans'01 - but they aren't interested in tifos . YBH'01 is active until now.

Few photos of tifos before our group was founded:

Can you name other known groups of Korona Kielce and their number of members?

 We are Polish team and we prefer Polish style of supporting so there are only two gruops - Ultrasi'04 (responsible for tifos, graffiti etc) and YBH'01 (hooligans). Our hooligans act in "underground" and they don't want anybody to write about them in the internet.

On pictures I can see many other banners as well, how is the relation to these groups? Do you have your own sections or is there one main section for all groups?

 We have only one section with all fans. In our curva you can find hooligans, member of our group and even normal supporters who wants to sing and be part of "live stadium". Polish style is different from style of Italian or French. Our groups of ultras has only 20-40 members and their main aim is to prepare tifo, buy balloons, flares etc but during matches there is no partition, we are all fans of our teams.

Who is your biggest enemies, and who is your friends?

 We have friendship with Cracovia Krakow, Stal Mielec, Polonia Warszawa, Sandecja nowy Sacz and our enemies are: KSZO Ostrowiec Sw, Radomiak Radom, Bron Radom, Wisla Krakow, Motor Lublin and Stal Stalowa Wola

Tell us about why you are enemies with these clubs.

For now our biggest enemy is Wisla Krakow because in September 2007 they killed our friend, one of Korona's supporter (S.P Malpa). It's said that hatred with fans from Radom (Radomiak and Bron) is due to riots in 1973 when people from Radom fights with local goverment in the streets. Unfortunately, cops from Kielce took part in this riots and since that time people from our cities hate each other .Second reason (for my more true) was fact that always in the past our city - Kielce- was  capital of voivodeship. If you want to know a reason of bad relationship with other teams answer is quite simple. KSZO is second big crew in our area and Stal SW is the biggest enemy of our friends from Mielec.

How is your relationship with your club?

 Connection have been tense. Our former sponsor changed name of club (from Korona Kielce to Kolporter Korona Kielce) and our crest. After 3,5 years, lots of appointment crest was changed to its traditional look. We had protest about black player of our team (for 0,5 year there wasn't any tifos and normal singing on our stadium, all supporters went only for matches of our friends and second team). However protest wasn't efficient. Nowadays, our team was banned to 2nd league for corruption and Kolporter is no more our sponsor and for few days there have been big revolution in our club so for now we are no sure how our relation will look in nearest future.

What’s your group political view?

 More of penknives (supporters from our cit) are right wing but after protest against Hernani (second black player in Korona) we have tried not to show any politics on the stadium.

How do you travel on away games?

We travel with all Korona's supporters by train and bus.

 What do you think about the polish ultra-scene compared to rest of Europe? And when did the ultra movement in Poland start?

 Big "boom" of ultras in Poland took place about ten years ago. In my opinion Polish scene of ultras has been making progress and now it can comete with ultras from other countries.  I think that there are a lot of good ultras groups in Poland that show different styles so everyone from any place on Earth can find something interesting.




How many people visit your home games and how many of them sing?

It has been changing since our new stadium was built. When Korona played on the old stadium the biggest number of people were 10 000 during match with Legia Warsaw in Polish Cup in 2003. In that times average of fans on our stadium was about 4 500 and about 300-1500 people were singing (it depended on team we played with). Now, it looks similar but on our curva there are usually about 500-2000 people and average of last season was 9 500 people. On match with Wisla Cracow there were about 15 000 fans.

Have you any interesting trips in Europe or in Poland you can tell a bit about?

We have never played in any European Cup (Intertotto, UEFA Cup, Champions League) so we haven't had any chance to travel across Europe.

However we travel across Poland and last season the average of supporters who went for away games of Korona were 200. Before every match we organise buses, minibuses and even trains for our supporters. Sometimes it's very difficult to rent a bus or even a minibus so we say that we are dancers and we are going for tournament.When we were trying to go to Zabrze because Korona played with Gornik in Polish Cup we said to driver that we were a ping pong team. When we arrived to Zabrze and he saw a stadium he realised what is going on he called his boss and went back to Kielce taking our rucksacks with money, keys etc and leaving us without saying any word. After a game police took us (27 supporters) to the train station and on the one platform and then in one train we went with fans of Górnik from Ruda Slaska. Unfortunatelly there were more policemen than us and fans of Torcida so nothing happened.

For a lot of fans travelling is the most exciting thing in the World so we can say that every trip is interesting, no matter where you go and how far it is. It's hard to say about the funniest moments during the trips because there has been a lot of them. Older supporters can remember when we went for match to Nowy Sacz (Sandecja NS is our good friends) and one of due supporter overslept and when he woke up we already were in Tarnow (about 123 km from Kielce) so he took a taxi and came to Nowy Sacz - a distance between Kielce and Nowy Sacz is 239 km so he paid a lot.

What do your group and other supporters of your team mean about pyro in your stands? What reactions do you get for lighting a flare?

We love pyro, flares mostly. Unfortunately in Poland now we have big rewards for lighting pyro so we have to be carefully. Other fans I think enjoy seeing tifos with flares or strobos, even when during the match with Zaglebe Sosnowiec last season we lighted about 60 flares we could hear applause on all tribunes.

Do you have a own club house?

Yes, we have our own pub. It has been redecorating for few days and I can't show any pictures because work is in process


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