Interview with Brussels Power (FC Brussels - Belgium)

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Brussels Power


Ultras-Tifo: Hi, please introduce yourself:
Stefaan: My name is Stefaan, 29 years old and already 20 years supporter of RWDM, and now FC BRUSSELS.

UT: Tell us a bit of the history of the Brussels Power.
Stefaan: We have begun in May 2005 and have 15 members, 7 of them are in the direction of Brussels Power, the 8 others always help on matchday or with tifo-preparations. We founded Brussels Power in orde to make the atmosphere in the stands even better than they already were. We wanted all the FC Brussels-fans to enjoy our actions.

We started very small, but we have a lot of big plans ahead of us. This season, we will try to organise a few big tifos, and we're also progressing in other ways.

UT: What is the meaning of the name "Brussels Power" ?
Stefaan: We don't really follow the Ultra-mentality, so there isn't a "Ultra" in our name. The name, which we wanted to keep quite simple and powerful, speaks for itself: Brussels represents the city we live in, and Power stands for the power of our club and supporters.

UT: Who are your rivals? And do you have ultra group where you are friends with? How did that grow?
Stefaan: Our biggest rival remains, without a doubt, Anderlecht, because the game against Anderlecht still is a derby, our stadiums are only 3 kilometers separated from each other. In this game, the atmosphere is always a bit different, you can feel it. The atmosphere is much more impressive than in other games, there are also a lot more supporters, so that makes a difference. The songs are always a bit provocative, but that's part of the derby-atmosphere. We have a few smaller rivals (Beveren or Lierse), but Anderlecht remains by far the biggest rival

We, as an ultra group, don't really have "friends" in the ultra world, even though we often communicate with members from other ultra groups (over the internet). Some fans often go to games of Heart of Midlothian and Metz, but Brussels Power isn't directly involved in these friendships.

UT: Please say something about the general scene of the your team and your relation to the other fans and Hool´s :
Stefaan: We are against violence, and hooligans won't join Brussels Power. We are a group that wants to create a good atmosphere in the stands, nothing more. We also have good contacts with other groups, and we would like to keep it that way.

UT: Have you a good relationship with your club?
Stefaan: That's the first thing of which we took care: a good relationship with the club is very important for us, especially concerning the safety. I have a good relationship with the safety-responsable of the club, and all actions are being requested in advance. We think you can get as far as possible that way. Some things that are now allowed in the stadium, were forbidden in the past (like flags on poles). We were able to change the rules thanks to our contacts with the safety. For me, it's very important that every member respects this.

We also try to make the relationship with the club even better, in order to realise other things.

The club's president respects us and he proved this when he came to our spaghetti feast in Oktober 2005.

UT: Please tell us bit of the organisation of Brussels Power (like away games etc.):
Stefaan: For the away games, most of the times we meet in the stadium itself. In the future, when we have got more members, we also would like to organise a bus. All the members go to the away games, and at home, we always stand together at the same place. We have 3 drums and a lot of flags, that are always with us, at home and away.

UT: Is your group your scene influenced by politics or other countries like Italy?
Stefaan: No, we look at pictures of other teams to get some ideas, but we never copy. We always try to do new things.

We are also for 100% a-political. We think that politics should be discussed outside of the stadium: inside, you are there to support the team and not to spread your political ideology.

UT: What are your future plans? How do you want to widespread the Ultra mentality?
Stefaan: We have good prospects and great plans for the future. We don't only organise tifos, but we also do other things for the fans. That's why we are working on a small programme book (on a two-week base), with information of the club and Brusselspower. But we can't say much more on this subject yet.

UT: What is your opinion of the Ultramovement in Europe, which scene are in your view the best and which scene have a good development?
Stefaan: I'm having the idea that a lot of groups are growing. It's a pity that the laws in Belgium are so strict, it doesn't make things easier for the groups. I would like to advise the other groups to have the best relationship possible with their club and the safety: it really helps, and also, when you oppose them, you can forget a lot of things and advantages.

Outside Belgium, we have a lot of respect for the French and Italian scene. But the name an action, I loved the Pacman-tifo from Brondby, Denmark, against Ajax. It must have been a lot of work to prepare, respect !

In Belgium, we especially respect Standard (UI96), they are certainly the best group in Belgium. But BWSU, of Charleroi , is by far the best growing group. The proved it with their great tifo against Standard.

Thank you for the interview, and Ultras-Tifosi wish you luck for your future!

(This interview was done in July 2006)