Interview with Publik Hysterik (Standard de Liège - Belgium)

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Interview with Publik Hysterik ( Standard de Liège - Belgium )
This interview has been taken in French and translated into English.



UltrasTifosi : Hello Fabien! Could you please introduce yourself to our members of
My name is Fabien. I am 15y old and i have been party of PHK since 2 years, i am coming to the stadion since i was 10y old.

UT: Please tell us a bit about the history of your group.
PHk has been created by 6 motivated members who wanted to create a different group of ultras in the tribune T4. That tribune used to be only alive with supporters of the other party. In the old stadion T4 was the place where the Hell-side ( casuals/hools ) was founded. PHK started in 2004 and celebrated his 2 years with a tifo this year.

UT: What does PHK mean? Why the name?
It means Publik Hysterik ( Hysterical Public ) for now we like people to think that the K stands for the last letter in Hysterik but it doesn't really. We would like to keep it secret for now.

UT: Are their other groupes at Standard? What is your relationship with them?
Yes, on the opposite tribune there are the ultras inferno ( founded 1996 ). We got good relations with them, although we got different opinions on some issues. Like for example they wanted to boycott an away game, while we thought this wasn't the right time to do it. When we play away we stands next to each other. The songs we sing together and only for the honour of Standard. We don't sing any group songs.

UT: Does PHK have a political tendency? Is this important ?
For us, politics ain't important. Although we are anti-fascists just like ui96.

UT: Can you tell us a bit about how the games are followed? How much people are there? Do you got a special place where you drink something before the game?
At home the atmosphere is not bad at all, although it depends on how the team is doing on the pitch. . Before the game we got to our own local and after the game we go to a pub not far from the stadion.
For an away game we are mostly with 20 of PHK for the smaller games, for an important game we have our own bus to do the trip. At Charleroi we even had 2 busses.

UT: How many members do you have at present? Do you work with merchandise?
We got about 150 members at the end of the season, we will try to raise this number for the next season. Yes, we sell a few articles to pay our tifo with. During mid-season we got 2 new scarfs ready.

UT: Is your group influenced by other countries or by the movement in general? Please explain, are their typical things for PHK?
We are surely influenced by the French scène and also by South-America. The thing that is typical for PHK is the band with South America. To celebrate our first 1 year we used djembes, drums and whistles to create atmoshpere.

UT: Who are your enemies? What's is your relationship at the moment with Rfc Liège?
Our arch rivals are Anderlecht! The games against them are very exciting because we are just next to the visitors.

UT: Does PHK have a bound with other Belgian and/or foreign groups?
I think, there are only a few personal friendships at this moment. There is not really an urge for such a bound.

UT: Could you explain a bit how the movement started in Belgium?
This is very hard, to sum it up pretty short. It all started with ui96 who stated 10 years ago. The scene growed a lot the last 3-4 years with new groups starting and having their impact.

UT: What influence does your group have on Standard de Liège on general
I think we won the respect of our club and the supporters in the past years.

Merci beaucoup Fabien pour votre your temps!

 (This interview was done June 2006)