Best of Dinamo Zagreb 2014/2015

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Season review: Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia)

Season review: Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia)

Another hard season is behind Bad Blue Boys. They continued their war with club vice president Zdravko Mamić to get club back to fans. They are currently most repressed group in Europe, but still keep fighting. In last season they created their own futsal club called also Dinamo Zagreb and they managed in first season to be champions in Croatia 2nd futsal league. Most of BBB are banned from their own stadium so they boycott home matches (they were just on one home match in last season, vs Osijek). Also, its important to mention that one small group of ex BBB got separated and they support Zdravko Mamić (they are known as "Mamić mercenaries"). In October last year those lads made ambush for 1 van of BBB and open gun fire on them, 2 lads were wounded.




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