Best of Dynamo Kyiv 2011/2012

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Season review: Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine) 2011/2012


Season review: Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine) 2011/2012

Last season to Dynamo Kyiv ultras can be divided in 2 parts, before and after moving to new Olimpic stadium. Very important event for ultras was changing club logo  to more traditional one at the beginning of the season. Ultras forced president to this change, design was also made by them. First part of the season Dynamo fans had lots of conflicts with club management. In Kharkiv all Dynamo supporters had to stay all the match on railway station because Dynamo managers did not send request for guest tickets. After this match huge protest with all stadium visitors was made on the next home game and president fired responsible managers.

Dynamo fans were the most active on away games in Ukraine according to ultrasleague statistic ( Also Dynamo Kyiv is the most fined club for fans actions (pyro, broken chairs, fights in stadium, pitch invasions, etc). Last season they also published great documentary "The Last Argument" which you can watch here.




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