Best of Crvena Zvezda 2011/2012

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www.ultras-tifo.netSeason review: Crvena Zvezda (Serbia) 2011/2012


Season review: Crvena Zvezda (Serbia) 2011/2012

Delije are the supporters of Crvena Zvezda Beograd, they were founded 7.1.1989. Delije on English means Heroes. .Biggest groups on north stand are: Belgrade Boys(BBRS), Ultra Boys 1993, Heroes 1994 and Brigate 1994.

Photos & Videos from this season:
Ventspils - Crvena Zvezda




Spartak-Zvezda away in Subotica.


"Com on all to attack"


Zvezda - Javor


Rennes - Zvezda, away match in France.



Dinamo Pancevo-Zvezda, friendly humanity game.




Borac Cacak-Zvezda

Mladost Lucani-Zvezda


Hajduk Kula-Zvezda


Zvezda-Radnicki 1923


"kosovo is sould of Serb"

1st half

2nd half

Basketball: Zvezda - Bayern



Zvezda-Novi Pazar

1986 is symbol of date when brotherhood with Olympiakos began.
On game with Novi Pazar it was 25 years of brotherhood.

"Never forget who was your grandfather"

Zvezda-Banat Cup game


"Uzice is supporting Zvezda"

Zvezda-OFK Belgrade
60 years of first trophy in league

"60 years later our wish is same"

Burning newspapers on North,same thing was done 60 years before after wining trophy.


Zvezda-Smederevo cup game

"Their shirts are white-blue but you must know they are the real Grobari"

Zvezda-Partizan 141 derby.

"Your banners we already know,it would be shame to answer on them"


Training before Zvezda-Vojvodina, no fans were allowed because incidents on derby against Partizan

"Let it be on your mind who was wearing that saint shirt"

Leotar-Zvezda friendly game in Republika Srpska

"Republika Srpska supports Zvezda"

Partizan-Zvezda handball

Zvezda-Partizan basketball in Nis

"Bosses of city you never were,its truth you are just a little tities"

Kolubara-Zvezda handball


Zvezda-Spartak, 41250 people on opening of new half season, also celebrating 67 years of Crvena Zvezda.

Javor-Zvezda away

Zvezda-Smederevo 40000 people on workday on our stadium

"Every night i dream Marakana is full" text from one of Delije's songs.

BSK - Zvezda

Zvezd a -Partizan cup game

Coreo means FKCZ(Football Club Red Star)

1st half:


Zvezda-Borac Cacak

Zvezda-Hajduk Kula


Radnicki-Zvezda away in Kragujevac

"South: 200 dinars ,East 300 dinars ,West 500 dinars, North 500 dinars (place where we were standing)
Is that the way you are getting people back to stadiums?"


"Zvezda kids are never alone
Real Zvezdasi are now more with you"

1st half and 2nd


Red-Blue-White symbol of Serbia
Blue with Red-White marks symbol of Belgrade
Red-White symbol of Red Star
Text: Srbija, Beograd Crvena Zvezda!

"With you always comedy" its about Grobari and Milan friendship (Fight)

1st and 2nd half:


"When bravery defeats death
Stefke-forever with us!"

1st and 2nd half:

OFK Belgrade-Zvezda



"I have sadness 5 years long but it quickly passes me when i see you on South"

"gypsys salutes their champions"

1st and 2nd half

Olympiakos - Zvezda, brotherhood game in Piraues


Zvezda - Rad

"Factory of ultras"
"100% pure Serbian standard"
"Factory which is not destroyed by Politicians"
"It works in 3 shifts 7days a week"
"Privatization prevented"
"Only factory in which is working for free"

1st and 2nd half

Zvezda-borac cacak cup final


Vojvodina - Zvezda


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