Best of Ruch Chorzow 2011/2012

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www.ultras-tifo.netSeason review: Ruch Chorzów (Poland) 2011/2012


Season review: Ruch Chorzów (Poland) 2011/2012


Photos & Videos:

Korona Kielce - Ruch Chorzów (08.08.2011)


Wisla Kraków - Ruch Chorzów (25.09.2011)

Ruch Chorzów fans on the training before derby match against Górnik Zabrze (20.10.2011)


Górnik Zabrze 1:2 Ruch Chorzów (21.10.2011)
Ruch won! But the fans were not allowed for away trip to derby match, so they celebrated the win in their home:


Fund raising of Ruch Chorzów fans for the youngest kids (27.10.2011)


Lechia Gdañsk - Ruch Chorzów (28.11.2011)


Again the fund raising!


Slask Wroclaw - Ruch Chorzów (18.02.2012)
Ruch Chorzów fans, again were not allowed to go for the away match. Slask Wroclaw supporters bought the tickets for them for their supporters section! Just to remind you. Both fans hate each other! BRAVE ACTION!


Zag³êbie Lubin - Ruch Chorzów (10.03.2012)


Ruch Chorzów - Wis³a Kraków (25.03.2012)


Legia Warszawa - Ruch Chorzów (07.04.2012)


Polish Cup: Wisla Kraków - Ruch Chorzów (10.04.2012)


Ruch Chorzów - Górnik Zabrze (15.04.2012) DERBY



Polish Cup final: Legia Warszawa - Ruch Chorzów (24.04.2012)


Ruch Chorzow - LKS (28.04.2012 r.) (fans were not allowed after Polish Cup)


Ruch Chorzów - Lechia Gdañsk (06.05.2012)


On this youtube channel you will find videos from every match: Click here!