Bari - Foggia 26.11.2017

Bari Foggia 7

Italy: Famous Derby d'Apulia!

With just an hour drive between the two cities, there is a strong rivalry between Bari and Foggia. This derby is known as "Derby d'Apulia". 

For this match ultras of Bari had prepared one spectacular show in Curva Nord. Very nice-painted banner together with card display. Looks brilliant!


A small incident when few lads of Bari managed to get close to the away sector, but stewards got control.



Bari Foggia 3

Bari Foggia 2

Bari Foggia 7

Bari Foggia 13

Bari Foggia 8

Bari Foggia 1

Bari Foggia 4



Away fans:

Bari Foggia 5

Bari Foggia 9

Bari Foggia 6

Bari Foggia 12

Bari Foggia 10

Bari Foggia 11



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