Lokomotiv Moscow - Spartak Moscow 18.03.2017

Russia: Spartak fans answer on BBC’s documentary on hooliganism.

Earlier this year, BBC traveled to Russia to make a film called "Russia's hooligan army" aimed at rising fear of hooligan attacks at upcoming World Cup in Russia. On this match Spartak fans unveiled a two part tifo. The first tifo portrayed two fans wearing balaclavas. One, outside the TV holding a scarf, and the other, shown inside a TV, holding a large knife. Message on the banner was "Blah Blah Channel". The second tifo displayed an image of famous Russian politicians and television personalities with the message "#WelcometoRussia2018 Supporters of a big country". There are some rumors that one group of Spartak fans took a money to display this tifo, but we don't have more infos on that.








Source: fanat1k.ru

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