Cibalia Vinkovci - Dinamo Zagreb 26.02.2017

Croatia: Bad Blue Boys away in Vinkovci!


Great number and great pyro show by Bad Blue Boys on away match in Vinkovci. But most interesting detail from the match happened in 89th minute. Cibalia, last team on the table, had 1:1 with Dinamo who is on 2nd position and chasing first Rijeka who has 6 points more. To prevent disaster for Dinamo, referee gave them fake penalty kick (WATCH VIDEO) in 89th minute for the victory 1:2. After final whistle, Dinamo's players went to celebrate victory with Bad Blue Boys, few players even throw jerseys, but Bad Blue Boys refused to celebrate unfair victory and throw jerseys back to players! This match showed one more time how is fucked and corrupted football in Croatia, how  Mamić's Dinamo is winning league titles for last 11 years in a row.



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