Drugs and football

ultras-tifoUltras-tifo take a look on
beer and drugs inside


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Riots Italy

 Nearly 1 hour with riots from
Atalanta, Roma, Napoli, Brescia,
Livorno, Verona and Lazio.


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We Are Back in Buisness

 We had problems with hosting, but now its all ok and we are back. Expect soon new articles, interviews.... Also you can now follow us on Facebook just join our fan page HERE. Ultras - The way of life!

R.I.P. Vedran Puljic

Vedran Puljic

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Protest against Supporters Cards

Ultras(Italy) Protest gainst Supporters ards.

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Against Modern Football

 Check this great video!

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New "Atheletic" law

 "Monsters", group from
 Larissa in Greece had
 demostration against
 New law.

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Football for Fans!

Football For Fans

Football For Fans
is a protest in Belgum.

Here you have photos
And info about it!

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Greece burn!

There has been some massive
pyro-shows in Greece since
New year. Here is some of the
best pictures/Movies!

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Croatian Ultras: We'll sue the goverment!

 Members of nine biggest Croatian ultra groups  have gathered in a press conference, demanding that the new „Anti-hooligan law“ is made unprofesionally and not in coordination with ultras themselves, as first promised b